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Saihanwula Biosphere Reserve
Saihanwula Biosphere Reserve

Chen Bin

Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science


Saihanwula Biosphere locates in Balinyou county, Innermongolia province. Its conservation subjects include forest, grass land, wet land ecosystems and rare species. The geography of this area is middle mountains, in which the highest altitite is 1997 meter on Wulan mountain. For the location of this reserve is the crosstroad from grass land to forest and from south asian broad leave forest to taiga forest, the biodiversity is fairly rich and has characters of typical, representative and endemic. It is the typical region in South moutainous area of Daxinganling. In a preliminary survey, there are 665 plant species in 318 genera and 85 families, 37 mammal species in 14 families and 6 orders, 148 bird species in 46 families and 17 orders. In Sep. of 2001, it was approved as biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

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