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Huanglong Biosphere Reserve
Huanglong Biosphere Reserve

Chen Bin

Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science


Huanglong Biosphere Reserve locates in Songpan County, Northwest of Sichuan province, in the south part of Minshan mountains, is Southeast edge of Tibet plateau. In 1992, Huanglong was listed on the World Nature Heritage Site List by its huge extent, fantastic landscape and integral ecosystems that have high scientific and aesthetic values. Then in 2000, it was listed on Man and Biosphere reserve network.

In Huanglong Biosphere reserve, the amazing landscapes includes icebergs, virgin forests, canyon, colorful ponds. It's calc-sinter is unique all over the world, distributing everywhere in a 7.5 kilometer long valley from 3578 meter to 2200 meter, likes a yellow dragon. The reserve name is coming from three temples at the begin, middle and the end of this vally, which together are named Huanglong (yellow dragon) temples.

This region is abundant with plant and animal species. Huge trees, giant lianas, shrubs, herbs and mosses crowded into a stereoscopic space decorating with fruits and flowers. In primary forests there are many rare or endanged species such as Larix potaninii, Cercidiphyllum japonicum and Picea brachytyla. On high altitute alpine meadows, there are many kinds of rare traditional medical species. All these make this area famous as "a plant kindom in cool temperature zone".

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