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Gaoligong Mountain Biosphere Reserve
Gaoligong Mountain Biosphere Reserve

Chen Bin

Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science


Gaoligong Mountain Biosphere Reserve links to tibet Nien-ch'ing-t'ang-ku-la Mountains, lying on the border region between China and Myanmar, the East is Nu river and the West is Irrawaddy river. In 1986 it was given official approval to be a national nature reserve and the Nu River Provincial Nature Reserve was merged together in 2000. Now it is 400 kilometer long and has an area of 405,500 hactares, becoming the largest nature reserve of forest and wild animals in Yunnan province. It has a high northern part and much lower sothern part, 5128 metre at highest point and 720 metres at lowest point. It is famous with its distinct geographical features, diverse biodiversity resources. In 1992, WWF put it into the A category of the nature reserves with international importance. In 2000, it is listed in the biosphere reserve network by UNESCO.

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