Eco-channels Database Management System (EcoDMS)
Ngau Tam Mei Channel (牛潭尾河)

To achieve the goal of sustainable development, DSD has constantly added new elements to further enhance concepts for the

conservation of existing river ecology, biodiversity promotion and environmental protection for its drainage improvement

works on the design, construction and management.

Starting from 2013, DSD has established an "Eco-channels Database Information Management System" for the display and management of

ecological data collected in green rivers.  We take this management system to record data of discovered species at different

time in different rivers.  Through comparing cumulative records of river ecology, users can acquire more comprehensive

information on the change of river ecology, including changes in the number of species and habitats.

The system uses a global positioning system and a panoramic digital photography technology to mark the position of the existing

river habitats, discovered species, status and their related information.

We hope that this ecological platform can provide more valuable information to users, allowing the public free to enjoy the

beautiful river habitat and learn more species.  We will seek to optimize this system leading to a more comprehensive, convenient

and effective river ecological database to monitor and record changes in river species with different ecological characteristics,

so as to facilitate the planning of river conservation work and improve the public’s consciousness on the conservation of

the river habitat.

Disclaimer: For the purpose of protecting the species of conservation concern in this channel, the details of these species will not be disclosed. This website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher, and using Internet Explorer version 8.0 or above, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Flash player 11.0 or above needs to be installed in order to view the panoramic virtual tour and species classification tree.

Eco-channels Database Management System (EcoDMS)

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